Januargo Sri Baskoro

Green is color of peace and coolness

About me

Address : Depok *
Place and Date of Birth : Surabaya, January *
Email :,
Phone / Whatsapp : 0815-5015-486, 0877-2345-1554
Marital Status : Married and a father of 2 kids
Religion : Moslem
Education Background : Degree (S1) of Electronic Engineering graduate from Brawijaya University in Malang, 1998
Website :
*) Intended for protection of my privacy, please contact me by email / whatsapp for detail

Things I Can Do

Several things I can do, soft skill or hard skill
I am good on operating computer applications program, such as:
  • 2D and 3D design drawing using Autocad
  • 3D design and simple animation with SketchUp
  • Any Microsoft Office applications
  • Picture editing using Photoshop or other
  • Movie editing using some movie editor applications
I am good also on computer programming under Windows OS with several programming languages, such as:
  • Visual Basic (last on 1999)
  • Borland Delphi (last on 2002)
  • Assembly language for micro-Controller (last on 2005)
  • Javascript and HTML for Web Design
  • Java for Android Application
  • C for Arduino micro-computer
  • Phyton for Raspberry-Pi
As my main education, I do:
  • Designing and building Electronic circuit for some systems, like:
    • Rectifier or Inverter as it widely used in power plants and telecommunications operator / provider
    • System Control using any kind of controller (microcontroller, microcomputer or PLC) for machines control in factory
  • Designing and building of Electrical system or switchboard of building or factory refer to local or international standard specification
Additional skills or several heavy work as advantage of my working experiences, I do:
  • Designing civil building including implementation if required
  • Mechanical working
  • Steel welding

Work Experiences

  • 1995 – 2000, Self Employed

    Bussiness Description:
    • Telecommunication for rent (WARTEL), provide service for telephone call, facsimile, essay typing etc.
    • Maintenance and repair of computer, hardware and software.
  • Jan 1999 – Nov 2000, PT. Eforel Citra Utama, Computer Supplier & Electronic contractor.

    As Engineer
    Job Description:
    • Design electronic hardware of telecommunication network for monitoring and controlling of PLN sub station project in Surabaya, Mojokerto, Gresik and Semarang.
    • Build the software and the installation.
    • Design and install the monitoring system on some gas station.
  • 2001 - 2002, Self Employed

    Business Description:
    • Together with 5 - 7 person as a very small team, working on electrical installation of houses and buildings.
    • Supply and organize labor for civil job project.
  • July 2002 – Sep 2005, PT. Getra Gemilang Sukses Perkasa, Electrical Contractor

    As Engineer
    Job Description:
    • Designing electronic for switching rectifier, UPS (Uninterruptible Power System).
    • Design and build the electronic system using micro-controller for UPS.
    • Design the electrical system for electrical power distribution panel (switchboard).
    • Maintained and repaired some rectifier and UPS for Pertamina, TELKOM and some other customers.
    • To be involved to design rectifier for cathodic protection system.
  • Oct 2005 – Dec 2008, PT. Siemens Indonesia / PT Nokia Siemens Network, Telecomunication Contractor

    As Mechanical / Electrical Design Spesialist
    Job Description:
    • As National Support Team, I was the only one designer of Mechanical and Electrical in HCPT project.
    • Design standard electrical wiring diagram of BSS.
    • Design standard installation of shelter.
    • Design standard installation of Lightning Protection System.
    • Supporting to PLN connection for sites in all region.
    • Supporting to guide line installation of alarm system at BTS, BSC.
    • Supporting to Genset assessment & installation.
    • Supporting for special design of grounding system for all region.
    • Design standard building at MGW-BSC and MSC included the site layout.
  • Jan 2009 – Aug 2016, PT. Pancamitra Perkasa Engineering, Electrical Contractor

    Chief Commissioner Concurrently As Engineering and Production Manager
    Job Description:
    • Manage team to design Electronic and Electric System as customer requirement.
    • Provide any technical clarification to customer.
    • Make standard BoQ for all projects
    • Make presentation for the Electrical and Electronic System to customer.
    • Make a small training about Electrical, Electronic and Grounding System to customer.
    • Manage and conduct to production team for efficient working to achieve target and make good benefit for company.
  • Juni 2016 – Aug 2018, PT. Bersama Rangkul Buana (BRANA)

    As Director / Business Owner
    Job Description:
    • Responsible to all company policies and sustainability
  • Aug 2018 – July 2020, eBDesk Technology, IT Industry

    As Building Manager
    Job Description:
    • Responsible for all about maintenance and operation of the building, including Mechanical / Electrical, Cleaning Service, landscape maintenance, driver and security.
    • The above responsibilities include communicating and coordinating with the competent authorities regarding local regulations, regional regulations and state regulations.
    • Responsible for the 24 hour live of the Data Center.